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      I feel like I should be keeping an eye on all the posts but there are so many now I can’t read everything. For my own personal preference I’ve decided to uncheck the politics category.

      Please let me know if anything gets out of hand as I can’t keep an eye on all posts at this point.  Perhaps it will be time to look for some site mods, and also look into a “report” function for people to click on a post that’s in the wrong category or spam, or in need of some kind of moderation.

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      Minnesota Ute
      Ute Fan

      Good problem to have, traffic must be picking up.

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      With basketball having it’s issues and spring football still a month away, there’s plenty of down time and you know what that means…..bitter political posts from those who hate the winner.

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        Maybe if the winner was being more of a president and less of a dictator people wouldn’t hate him.  Maybe if he hadn’t vowed to destroy the Johnson Amendment and gut Dodds-Frank and maybe just maybe if he didn’t act like a jilted 13 yr old on Twitter people could respect him.  He has brought this media social firestorm upon himself with his actions, his cabinet picks etc.  to try and argue otherwise is intellectually deficit. 

        I personally find few redeeming qualities about the man.   I hope he will be the best president we’ve ever had.  He’s off to a rocky start   Let’s hope it improves 

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          Ute Fan

          FFUte, you seem like a good guy an have a lot of opinions as was evident at UFN.  I got so sick of the politics over there I was happy to do find this site.  I have the politics categeory unchecked, but like I posted previously – politics and religion seem to bleed over into all categories.

          I started going to Utefans before our final four appearance in 1998.  It was a great site for many years, but deteorated for many reasons.  It became more of a liberal politcal site it recent years.  The attacks became more and more mean spirited.

          Please, if you want to voice your political or religious opinions – please keep it off the general categories.  I am neither republican or democrat, but I am interested in politics.  However, I want to keep my political feelings separate from Utah Athletics.  Many Ute fans are conservative and many are liberal, some are Mormon and some seem to hate Mormons.  I really don’t care.  I just want a site where I can go to get an update on Utah sports.

          Let’s not let UteHub become what UFN became the last few years.

          Go Utes!!!


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            Ute Fan

            Amen. Solid post!

            Agree 100%.

            UFN became a liberal bashing site. Yes, I could of unchecked the category and I did at times ,but the site had very few news or opinions on Ute sports. Just look at the last page when UFN went down. It was all political threads.

            I am neither a registered Dem or Repub.

            Hopefully this site doesn’t get poisoned by groups or individuals with their own agenda.

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            My reply was to westslope cutthroat whom posted a political post in the football category. I admit I allowed him to bait me into responding. you’ll note I didn’t attack westslope, I identified a few reasons for why some things are getting posted here and elsewhere.
            I used to be a republican until shortly after Reagan. Now I’m neither. I tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am striving to make sure that the things I do post politcally are in the political category for the very reason you stated. That being said I was responding to someone else whom did make a political post in the wrong category and yeah he baited myself and likely a few others into repsonding. I may need to put him on ignore since he has admitted to wanting to bait people vs engaging in a discussion.

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          Ute Fan

          @flyfishingute time and place man. This thread isn’t about politics, let’s all be respectful of each other and keep the political talk in political threads.

          @admin I think FlyfishingUte’s post illustrated the need for moderators or reporting. I’m not advocating for some sort of “timeout” or anything, just moving posts like his to it’s own thread under the right category.

          I have said this before, and I will keep beating this drum, I don’t want to read about people’s political feelings on a sports message board. There are plenty of places I can go to do that. If this place becomes another political message board disguised as a Utah Sports message board it won’t really be of much interest to me, or probably to the early users (since it seemed like many of them left to get away from all the political BS).

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            @utahsig, see the explanation above. I was RESPONDING to westslope’s post.

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              Ute Fan

              @flyfishingute yeah, now that you point it out I can see how West Slope’s post is baiting with that last phrase. When I first read it, I thought it was kind of an innocuous post mostly focused on the need for moderating in the off season. I kind of let the last bit slip by.

              I mean no disrespect, but I still think your post was a bit more vitriolic than it needed to be. Maybe you guys have a history, I really have no idea, and it is none of my business. I just want a message board where I can read about Utah sports.

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        Ute Fan

        come on, cutthroat... sheesh.

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        Ute Fan

        Since you’re a climate change denier and prone to calling people w/ differing opinions, names (e.g. libtard), you’re opinion on anything is essentially worthless.  You’re a zoob in sheeps clothing methinks 😉

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      Sigh. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that I unchecked the politics category. I don’t know what to do with this thread, other than perhaps delete the whole thing.

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        Riot West
        Ute Fan

        I say print it out and hang it on your fridge!

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      Big stretch to claim that my post was political post. It was really an observation of what happened over at UFN during down periods between sports. But if someone considered it bait and bit it hook, line and sinker then I guess that makes me a better fisherman, but I knew that anyway.

      I love the hijack thread comments, as if FFU owns his posts on the Internet. And the repetitive Global Warming believer who hates because I don’t buy into his religion of faith based science.

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        Sounds like a fisherman arm wrestle is in order.

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      Ute Fan

      Delete the whole thing right after you nuke the politics category from the board. I don’t see any positive to come out of it.


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