Best synopsis of Big 12 expansion situation that I have come across.

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      Ute Fan

      I’m fascinated with this subject because it’s incredibly complex. This article hits all the talking points.

      Seeking clarity: The key questions in the Big 12 expansion movement

      So where does this leave us?

      With more questions than answers, of course. Different scenarios obviously favor different schools. If traditional television markets mattered, Houston and UConn would receive heavy consideration. If having the best football mattered, Boise State’s success over the past decade would be critical. If giving West Virginia an eastern neighbor mattered, Cincinnati would be attractive. If expanding into new markets mattered, UCF and South Florida would get long looks. If academics mattered, Tulane could emerge as a darkhorse. If potential subscribers matter, BYU would be considered. If financial support mattered, the deep pockets of Federal Express would be an ally for Memphis.

      Once the Big 12 decides how many schools it’s looking for and exactly what it wants, things will get much easier.

      Who the hell knows what the Big12’s motives are, I doubt the Big12 knows. This certainly explains the “explore expansion” directive that came down from the Big12. It’s more than deciding which teams, it’s deciding what the future holds and how the Big12 wants to prepare for that future.

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      Ute Gnome
      Ute Fan

      My best guess is that the B12 is just looking for a short term money grab. They will expand to 14, give the new teams reduced shares and get the new revenue their contract allows for additions. After their current deal expires I think that is when it will get really interesting.

      But I agree it is fun to watch BYU fans sweat it out. (Although most feel they are a shoe-in)

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        Ute Fan

        I think it’s a money grab too, but I think ESPN and Fox are going to come back with a counter offer instead of paying 100 million a year for four G5 teams. This counter offer will knock out the need for expansion candidates, the question is how many? I figure at least 2, maybe all 4.

        Or, ESPN and Fox are going to tie this up in litigation by taking the stance that they never intended to be held hostage by Big 12 threatening to add the likes of CSU when the intent of the contract was to make allowances for additions of programs like FSU and Clemson.

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      Ute Fan

      The more I’ve thought about this I think they (Texas) are using these other teams as a threat to get more money on their current deal. I really doubt ESPN and FOX want to shell out $25 Million a team for the likes of byu, Houston, Cincy and such. I would not be shocked to see the BIG 12 get more money for the current teams and some form of a network without adding anyone else.

      Just my theory.

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