Bolles to the nfl.

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    he is nearly 25. I believe it’s the right choice based off that alone, imo. Can’t go into the draft next year at 26 and have a higher stock

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    Agreed get paid now.  He is grading out really well, if he does well on the measurables he may go that high.  He really was a freak of nature and when he gets moving down field for blocking it was beauty.  

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    Did the team have a plan for this, as in some recruiting or players in waiting who can attempt to fill that spot?

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      We just offered another 4 star JC kid, that is our plan. Let’ see if we land him. 

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    Well that sucks.

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    Good for him.

    If he can clean up the penalties, he’ll be a monster in the NFL.

    I pray that the Seahawks put some focus on the OL this upcoming draft and pick up some guys like Bolles, cause their current line SUCKS!


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