i swear i just heard travis is going to sr. bowl on fox radio LA

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      Ute Fan

      i may have misheard but they were definitely talking about travis going somewhere…..

      edit. they could have been talking about the nflpa but that’s old news.

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      Maybe he’ll announce it on his new Twitter account. Is that what’s in the header?

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      He may have a place in the NFL as a TE, but definitely not a QB. His release and accuracy issues make Tebow look like an All Pro.

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        Ute Fan

        I dont think he has an accuracy issue. He has elite measurables, and can make all the throws. His struggles are all mental, and maybe some NFL team will see that as, maybe with the right coaching he could be something. We’ll see.

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          I’ll agree with you on the mental, but disagree on the elite measurables.

          NFLPA Bowl is for fringe players to show their goods to NFL scouts. A friend’s son, Cody Clay, played in it last year. Cody was at one time being recruited by Utah by Norm Chow for the OL. He ended up playing at Azusa Pacific where Jackie Slater is the OL coach. Jackie Slater is also an OL coach for the NFLPA Bowl game. Cody singed as a free for Dallas this past summer and played in some preseason games until he suffered a detached bicep. There were 23 FCS players on the NFLPA rosters.

          I watched about 5 minutes of that NFLPA game and switched it back to Maryland @ Mich St basketball. The level of play was bad. I checked the stat line for Wilson and he was 7-10 for 66 yards and no INTs. That’s about average for him in terms of Yards per Catch. I understand he had 2 fumbles, but both must have been recovered because they didn’t show in the stat line.

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      This link is to the review and grading for Travis Wilson’s performance in the NFLPA Bowl:


      Sounds like the Travis Wilson we’re all too familiar with.

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      Ute Fan

      Travis fumbled twice late in the game. Otherwise, I thought he looked good. 7/10 with 1 drop. Throws were a mix of screens, outs, and crossing routes. Made a really good read on a naked bootleg for a first down.
      It was all under center stuff which he’s never played.
      He won’t get drafted but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in an NFL camp this summer.

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