SS: One of the absolute greatest ever, both on and off the field..

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      hard not to get choked up watching this…

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      Wow, thanks for posting this. He thanked Ron McBride and the University of Utah.

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      Sad to see him go.  Glad he could go out on top and on his own terms.  Nice shout out to Ronnie Mac and the UofU!

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      There are a lot of things to love about Stevon.  In my book, #2 (right behind the obvoiusly genuine love he has for his family) is his ability to see what his weaknesses are and try to correct them.  A lot of us eventually figure out our weaknesses, but choose to live with them instead of improve them.  Steve not only recognizes them in himself, but understands that he’s not unique and others can benefit from his experiences and overcome those same weaknesses in themselves.  Part of what his foundation does is teaches youth how to cope socially in society.  Which, as we all know, is an issue if you burn a little on the hot side like Steve tradionally has.  Rather than ignore that or pretend he doesn’t suffer with that, he embraces it in an effort to improve himself as a human.    

      The NFL can be hard to watch sometimes, but when I see class guys like Steve or Alex playing, I can’t help but watch and cheer for them.  

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