Utah vs Colorado Comments – Maybe the altitude got to Colorado

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    Okay I’ve finished my spaghetti (Mom’s sauce crockpotted since yesterday. Killer. May she RIP). 

    I gave us about a 35-40% chance of winning today and after we started the game with 2 points and 3 turnovers to go with Colorado’s two threes, I thought we were DOA.  Fortunately that wasn’t the case.

    I saw some pleasant things tonight.  First, we got control of the turnovers.  Late in the game we only had 8 turnovers according to the jumobotron.  We took care of the ball very well in the 2nd half. 

    I was expecting the rotation to tighten up in league play, but surprisingly we wen’t pretty deep in the bench.  Jace played some very good minutues while giving Collette a rest, and he needed the rest.  We got some good bench minutes from several others.  Nice to see.

    I thought our ball movement was the least selfish it has been all season, and that was the key to our offense working well.  Less ball-hogging and more working it around.

    Air Kuzma was a pleasure to see back on the court.  I swear Kuzzy has some serious raw talent and he’s only getting better.  He has very high potential. The alley-oop two handed dunk in the 2nd half was awesome.  I had NO idea Bonham could jump like that.  He had a killer hammer dunk on a breakaway.

    Thinking about it, the WHOLE team has not played together much.  Maybe one game.  If we can continue to gel and become more in sync, we could do some damage in the Pac-12.  Not saying we’re going to win it or anything, but it’s going to be fun.

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    Ute Fan

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well Utah played as a team on both ends of the court. By far their best game of the year against a quality opponent. I hope they continue to play like that and improve as the season goes on. We could be that team no one wants to face in the conference tourny.


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