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  • SalUteopia

    Someone get this guy to Utah in a Dennis Erickson type of role.

    • dystopiamembrane


    • astUTE

      Nice idea, but simply would not work, now, IMHO.  Erickson was at a point in his career, where he was perfectly willing to defer to Kyle completely and take whatever role he was given.  Urban, is far from that point, and the size of his ego would result in turmoil within our staff.

      Not sure where he will end up, but if Urban is at SC next year (which now sounds unlikely), I worry that Scalley will be his defensive coordinator.  

      • Central Coast Ute

        This is the year for Scalley to make the jump to an HC spot. With the defense giving up 50 something yards a game on the ground and the pass defense isn’t bad either, he’ll have plenty of suitors.