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Field Conditions for championship game

Live in Bay Area and attended last years game. 

It was a bitter cold night last year and in a game that was evident of a lot of slipping and ultimately injuries. 
The field was in horrific shape last year and I really hope Whitt has some adjustments to what the Utes experienced last year. Even the play that cost us the game was due to slippage.

Will be wet all week and most likely game day   

It would suck to have our Defense slip in anyway to give up an easy score. Want this win badly but look forward to Vegas trips in future championships. 


  • Utesbyfive

    Don’t forget the long cleats.

  • Central Coast Ute

    I wish the PAC 12 would have struck a deal with UNLV and had the CCG there. I know it’s ancrap stadium but it would be better than the bay area.