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Larry Scott releases statement after Big Ten announcement

  • Tabasco
    10 1

    So weak leadership in California and Oregon are the hang ups?

    Why not let the rest of the conference play?

  • Utesbyfive

    This is heartbreaking.

  • wcrunner

    The air quality in Oregon and Wash is so bad, that any games scheduled there would have been cancelled this weekend.  I’m in Oregon and the entire state is the worst I’ve ever seen.  Been here 30 years.

    • astUTE

      My son and his girlfriend left Oregon 2 weeks ago and have been staying with us in SLC since.  They both work for companies that had moved everyone to working at home, so they are completely pleased to be here and will probably stay most of the fall.

      They monitor the weather, wind, and fire reports and are very concerned.  

      In the interim, other than trying to repurpose space in the house for offices, we are all loving having company.  COVID SCHMOVID! 🙂


      • wcrunner


        My son and his girl friend arrived from SLC to visit us the day fires broke out.  We were 2 miles N of the evac line.  Fortunately they are back there with you safe and sound