The 2019 football team

If Tafua (Drafted/UDFA) and Lloyd (RD1 -3) are drafted, that would mean all 11 starters from the 2019 defense were drafted or were on a 53 man roster (the caveat being that Tareke Lewis started 5 games at corner and didn’t land in the NFL). That is new territory for Utah, and speaks to the upgrade in talent we have seen over the last 5 years. 

As for the offense…

Assuming Ford (RD3-6) and Kuithe (RD3-5) get drafted this year (and maybe Covey eventually lands as an UDFA), only 4/5 of the 11 starters on offense will have been drafted or made a 53 man roster. 

Only 1 starter form the OL and maybe 1 WR will have made the league from that team – not hard to see where improvements need to be made for Utah to get over the hump and win the PAC12. And we had better do it before USC finally gets rid of Helton.  

  • ProudUte

    Good post.

    Our 2019 defense was special, especially when Blackmon was healthy.

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    • RedLine

      There’s a lot of people on this board so anti-harding.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the coaching carosel, be careful what you hope for.  Might end up with a Dave Christensen disaster.  

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      • noneyadb

        What position group has been the weakest link and what coaches of said groups are still around?


        • Charlie

          I think WR was the position group to improve which was done. OL is at a crossroad. The improvement I expect this year may remove those questions leaving us without a weakness. I also expect the edge pass rush to improve this year. To get into the USC, Oregon tier of recruiting I don’t know what needs to be done or if it is possible. Our advantage has been development and stability which is not bad.

          • noneyadb
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            Counted 10 “would be” sacks in the spring game… #fireHarding will gain traction. Brewer isn’t as elusive as Huntley and needs a pocket. That’s not a strength of Hardings olines.

            • Charlie

              This is always the case when you can’t hit the QB in scrimmage. We will have sacks no doubt but the offense will pick up in true life action. We will only know where we are as games unfold in the fall. An offense and a QB that can make quick decisions can frustrate a defense as well as an unbeatable OL. Not only does an offense need to be good at what they want to do, they need to be able to react quickly to what the defense is allowing them to do. We could be better at being able to execute the tools we need to use when the rush is getting to us. I see that approach as equal to developing better and better OL athletes.

              • noneyadb

                There were 6 sacks against the QB’s they could hit. 4 more against Brewer they couldn’t. Utah has had great dlines and the oline has consistently been a huge issue.

      • noneyadb

        Or a Colton Swan blessing…