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    Will the fans deliver on Sat?

    It’s clear that the team wants to channel their energy into football. They made a statement at USC. I bet it was cathartic. The players and coaches are doing their part. Will the fans reciprocate? It’s not enough that people just show up on Sat; the stadium needs to be absolutely rocking. Like 2019 USC game, or 2018 TDS 4th Q! After everything this team has endured, it is the least we can do. What do you think? Will the fans take it up a notch this Sat? I am always raring to go, but the energy around this one is just different. Can’t wait! Go Utes!!!

  • UteBacker

    The NEZ will sure as hell bring it cause that’s how we roll…

    • SalUteopia

      NEZ never disappoints! Thank you.

    • SalUteopia

      Not ideal, but I think the MUSS will show up.

      • utefansince79

        Generally students seem more able and/or willing to attend evening games as opposed to day games.

        Hopefully will have a packed MUSS


  • UtahUtesRock
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    Hard to say with it being Fall Break how many students will be there. 

  • UrbanLiar

    FYI the U is also discounting all concessions prices by 30% from 6 to 7 pm to help motivate everyone to get there early. I’ve been going to games for almost 50 years and don’t ever remember them making this offer.

    • OldAsDirtUte

      That’s more!  at least 22% better!

    • SalUteopia

      That’s great news! Hopefully the word gets out.

    • Ghost of the HEB

      I like the early discounted concessions idea. In both home games this season the concession lines/concourses were still absolutely packed around kickoff time. The people in these lines are certainly missing a huge portion of the first quarter. I feel like this is a major factor as to why there’s always sparsely filled areas in the stadium at kickoff, but it then ends up looking more full by 2nd Q. Most people are arriving on time, but they’re doing other shi* in the stadium instead of being in their seats.

      • noneyadb

        The problem of not enough concession stands for 50k people could lead to people not being in their seats… 😳

    • Tony

      6-7? LOL.  So they have a choice between tailgating and getting hotdogs for 30% off? Uh, yeah. 

    • PlainsUte

      Too bad it doesn’t include beer.

      Famous line by Coach Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State 9/21/21
      You have two 3-0 teams. You’re going to have a six o’clock game. The weather is supposed to be perfect. Should have a huge tailgate, a lot of people to “The Walk”. Maybe we need to reduce the beer prices so so many of them don’t go out at halftime and drink. We need to get it where they can buy it in here to keep it going

    • utahman3431

      I wish there were a concessions ordering service that lets me order from my seat and someone can bring it to me.  I know it sounds lazy, but I hate the wait for food/drink.  I would be in my seat all game if we can make it happen!

  • CincyUte

    We must protect this house, so to speak.

  • Utah5410

    I will be there in my seat 30 minutes before. I’m been saying since Sunday. This is one game that the fans can absolutely make a difference. ASU and us are virtually even. They are a in disciplined team. TDS got them into 16 penalties and many of those were false starts. They’ve admitted that the crowd bothered them. We win we are in control. Let’s be all on sat.