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Punter, placekicker

Hope the Utes are actively looking for major improvement in the kicking department

  • Tony (admin)

    I believe we signed a highly rated recruit. 

  • Yergensen

    Dax Iverson from Fremont. Kicks and punts. Saves us a scholarship if he can do both well.

    • ProudUte

      This may be our most important recruit!!!  I am so tired of our poor kicking game.

  • hbUte

    I heard on sports talk radio chatter, that the U doesn’t give out scholarships to kickers, thus the reason why we are not attracting any top-flight ones these days.
    Any truth to that?

    • Yergensen

      Iverson was reported as PWO

    • They gave the kid from Bingham who ended up losing the job to Matt Gay (I think) a schollie out of high school. Not sure why they won’t give them one now. If he proves himself on the field, I’m sure he can earn one.

    • 2008 National Champ

      That doesn’t sound right about the scholarships. Gay was obviously a walk-on at first but I have a hard time believing that Hackett, Wishnowsky or any other Aussies would come to Utah on their own dime. Then again, I haven’t been wrong yet this week so I might as well get it over with now.,,

      edit: per rule all scholarships in the Pac-12 are guaranteed so perhaps they are being doled out after the kid gets on campus and earns the starting spot? that would potentially allow Whitt to hand out one-year schollies at a very volatile position.

      • Charlie

        Not sure but I think the Pac 12 scholarship guarantee rule went the way of the buffalo with the new transfer rules. In times past, often more than 1 new kicker came in and there was a contest to see who got a scholarship. Maybe even punter. If a backup started playing they often waited for a scholarship to become available.

        • when i put “are pac-12 scholarships guaranteed” into the google-ator, all responses are from 2014. So it doesn’t appear as if there has been a change. As I understand it, a school no longer has to honor the scholarship once the athlete asks them to put his name into the portal, but assuming that doesn’t happen and the student is in good standing with the school, it is still a lifetime guarantee.

          According to the Pac-12’s new rules, all athletic scholarships will be guaranteed for four years and “can neither be reduced nor canceled provided the student-athlete remains in good standing and meets his/her terms of the agreement.” In addition, financial aid agreements offered to incoming athletes will be “for no less than four academic years” beginning in the 2015-16 academic year.

          Not only will athletic scholarships be guaranteed for four years, but athletes are also given a “lifetime guarantee” of sorts. For instance, if they leave school early, they can still come back at a later date and use the remainder of their scholarship to continue working toward their degree.