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    So there is this.

  • KiYi-Ute

    God dammit.

  • Tony

    Nice to know we have such a “sensitive” University.  But when life is all unicorns why would one need to cry?

    • BattleGroundUte

      I have a statement with a massive “BUT”

      Maybe with this support system it will make better adjusted adults? Hope for the best is a better outlook I think. 

  • GameForAnyFuss

    The cry closet at BYU is inside the stadium.

    • BattleGroundUte

      This is what I was hoping for you sir win. 

  • PlainsUte

    The research facility where I work on the campus of a large midwestern university (home also to classrooms and students) recently began hosting “stress relief dogs” that visit the library for a few hours in the afternoon during the last week of class into the weekend when finals start.  I chuckled a bit at this, but the Dean of the college said a parent came up to him at a graduation reception and specifically thanked him for support dogs.

    • BattleGroundUte

      Yeah I agree I think you can stereotype this generation as much as you want. But like all stereotypes it is generally based on a small sample of experiences. I have a young child who has high anxiety and sometimes just getting him to reset is better than the alternative of throwing him on S blocker medications. So I think of the small percentage of kids who actually use it probably makes a huge difference instead of embarrassing yourself. 

      Now the whole hashtag social media thing makes my eyes roll. 

      • Tony