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Jim Fassel Fan
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The Best Football Schedule Would Be 11 PAC12 Games, 1 Nonconference game.

I don’t know why conferences worry about getting a team into the national championship game. The national championship in college football is and always has been, a joke. 

Why not make the PAC 12 Championship the one and only goal for its members? How great would it be to replace Weber St and Northern Illinois with two more PAC 12 games?

This needs to be the direction the conference takes. We have a great conference, let’s make the most of it instead of pander to East Coast people who don’t have our best interests in mind anyway. 

  • BattleGroundUte

    No thanks. PAC12 needs to get a team in the playoffs this season.

    Unfortunate for Washington it won’t be them after Utah kicks their ass. 

    I think it will be another bad year for PAC12 in the post season this year. 

    • Jim Fassel Fan
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      Why worry about getting a team into the playoffs, something largely out of our control, when we could just go make the PAC 12 Championship bigger and better, and the regular season for every PAC 12 team bigger and better?

      Please explain to me what difference it makes for Utah, whether USC or Washington gets invited to the 4team playoff? If it’s really that big of a deal, why don’t we just forfeit our games against them so they will make it in? It’s silly. 

      I can explain to you the benefits of two or three more conference games: $$$

      • ironman1315

        Pretty sure we would get more money if we made it to the playoffs. And that we would get roughly equal money if any team in the Pac-12 made it to the playoffs. Also, this is a great way of killing your conference.

        • KiYi-Ute

          ^^^ This ^^^
          If all the conference cares about is who the Pac 12 Champion is, then we alienate and continue to be alienated by the rest of the country, even more so than we already are. Like it or not, but most of this nation’s population is in the Eastern portion of the country. A significant portion of the college football blue bloods are over there as well (Bama, Auburn, Florida State, Florida, Miami, etc). The only truly recognizable program on the west coast is U$C, like it or not. No other team in the conference has nearly the pedigree that the Trojans do.

          If we turn inward and don’t play non-conference games in different time zones, we only aid in our own irrelevance. No exposure in the East means no recognition in the East, which makes it incredibly difficult to recruit in the hotbeds of Florida, Texas, and the South in general — where Football is king. Meanwhile high school talent from here will continue to see those blue bloods perform and get recognized, and they’ll leave to go East to play. Our recruiting will dwindle, and with dwindling talent the programs will suffer significantly.

          We already have a difficult enough time getting on TV back East. I’d wager that most people back East scoff at the notion of Pac 12 football. After this year’s bowl performance, and our history of being left out of the CFB Playoff, I don’t blame them. We need more meaningful non-conference games, not fewer.

  • PlainsUte

    Perhaps this might be better for fans and fairness (this year the Utes have a tougher North schedule than, say, USC) but the reality is you need some big wins but not the long grind to get to the playoffs.  11 PAC-12 games is a very long grind.

    All that said I don’t think it is the scheduling alone that is the key to Alabama’s success.  Success and perception of SEC as an elite conference is drawing better players to the conference and feeding the cycle.