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2017 vs 2018.

At most positions I would take what we have now vs 2017. Covey I think is more dynamic than Carrington. It would sure be nice to have Carrington on those fades to the end zone that Huntley hasn’t quite got the hang of. 

I remember after the TDS game I really thought Utah was going to have a terrible year in 2017. Easiest comeback is 3-6 in conference right?  That’s what we hear all of the time. Utah took a chance with Williams on the road and nearly won in the Coliseum. Utah had the lead on a Washington and that SUCKY Browning that @Utah likes to bag on ripped that game from Utah. Stanford?  Good hell we nearly had them at home as well!! 

Perspective does matter and I choose to take 2018 and its current performances through two games vs 2017 Utah through two games. 

Utah wins Saturday I will be there watching in the visitor section.

20-17 Utes!

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    Battleground come say hi to me at the tailgate or halftime or something.

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      @admin Thanks directions are on the website still where you hang out?