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Utah line has moved from +1.5 to -1.5.

Have some faith in the Utes!

  • BattleGroundUte
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    Betting lines are set to encourage betting. 

    • rbmw263

      this is totally unsubstantiated and objectively wrong. Lines are set to protect themselves from the only people who have a legitimate shot long term to take money from the books. If they are setting lines to “encourage betting” they arent doing this, and this is the ONLY way a book can put themselves at risk. A inaccurate line represents a massive liability to the small subset of gamblers that actually have a way to beat books over a large sample size (usually math)

    • Tony

      Lines are set based on getting 50% betting on both sides. They’re not meant as a predictor of the outcome, though they seem to do that often.

  • concerned

    so if the line moves that way, it must be to encourage betting on WSU; too much money on the Utes. Somebody has faith.