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    Pace Manyung

    Anyone know the dealio on recruit Enokk Vimahi

    Utah 247 gives the Utes a 50% shot… would be a great get




  • 32utahutes

    He put out a top 8 a few months back but didn’t include Utah. Recently, however, there’s been some momentum on Utah’s side. I’ve heard its between Utah and ND. ND could be full on olineman so it sounds like Utah has a great chance.

    • Pace Manyung

      ND currently has three 4* OT in this years class and I’m sure ND is stacked with 4-5* OT on the roster.  Hoping he’s seeing Utah as a chance to play sooner. 

      • 32utahutes

        Yes. That’s why the most recent Crystal ball from insiders are going Utah’s way. And his older brother is currently in a church mission and committed to Utah. 

        • Is he a mission kid?

          • 32utahutes

            As of now yes. Possibility he plays 1 year then goes on his mission.

  • Utahute72

    The crystal ball says: “signs are positive”