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Alex Smith challenges – scary news

Eric Bickel @EBJunkies

Hearing from several different people over last few days that Alex Smith is having devastating complications from his broken leg surgery battling infection. Supposedly he’s had multiple surgeries to try to combat infection. Chances of him playing again in real jeopardy.

8:14 AM – 6 Dec 2018

  • BattleGroundUte

    That is terrible. 

  • RedUte

    Devastating complications? Loss of the use of his leg? Horrible

  • chinngiskhaan
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    I honestly don’t care whether he plays another down. He’s had more than his fair share of good fortune.

    Usually it really irks me when people act like a  sports injury is some kind of tragedy. This however is a legit reason to feel bad for this guy. He may lose his leg, that’s not something that happens to everyone. That is a life changer.

    • RiseasUtes

      • chinngiskhaan

        wtf is that supposed to mean? I don’t understand why anyone takes issue with my post here. So I don’t care about the NFL, and I don’t care if uber rich NFL players stop playing football… So what?

        What Alex is going through is very hard, which I admitted, it sucks, he deserves sympathy for what he is going through, most sports injuries don’t come even close to what he is going through right now. What is so wrong with me saying that?

        Either you all have reading comprehension issues, or you didn’t read my whole post.

        • RiseasUtes

          Your first and second paragraphs contradict each other and the first one just sounds horrible.  If you don’t care about the NFL that’s great, but to not care because the guy has made some money is a bit ignorant.

          Dont tell me if you watch that gif long enough you don’t smile at least.  I just found a random nonsensical gif to match up with your post.

  • sweetgrass

    sigh 🙁

  • NarfUte

    Only silver lining is his injury guarantee is second highest in the league ($71 Million)

  • utefansince79

    Not playing again would be an unfortunate end to his career, but losing his limb or being permanently disabled would be tragic beyond words.


  • leftyjace

    I don’t care if he ever plays football again… but honestly, that’s NOT because I feel he’s been too fortunate.
    At this point playing is a bonus.
    I just want him to not lose the leg and not suffer debilitating injury.
    If he is completely healthy I’ll take it, even if it means he doesn’t play again.
    And if he DOES play again…
    Gravy, baby.

    • chinngiskhaan
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      this is essentially the same thing that I said, but you get upvotes… and I get a crapton of downvotes… sigh…

      • GameForAnyFuss
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        If you want some free, unsolicited advice: The downvote hill is not one worth dying on. 

      • leftyjace

        Nah. The upvotes are cuz I’m RIGHT SEEEEXY!

  • Chidojuan

    Isn’t this similar to what happened with Gronk’s arm?