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Here’s the problem with the Nacua announcement

It is completely within his right to choose how he wants to announce his decision. But what he did is no different than a Mormon kid announcing his mission call to the Southern Baptist Convention. Or Urban Meyer doing a ribbon cutting for his new trophy case in Michigan Stadium. Or Trump throwing a 4th of July parade in Baghdad. Some announcements are best left to your own, personal Twitter account. Not our public airways.

When you are going on full display to announce your alliance to the enemy, don’t expect a warm welcome. Sure, it’s within you right to do it the way you want. But it’s also within our right to boo it.

I am yet to meet a single Washington fan around here. Quite the opposite, most people around here actually hate Washington—U fans and BYU fans alike.

Sure, we have some kids that grow up here dreaming of playing for out of state programs…Alabama, USC, Stanford. Maybe a few UCLA’s and an occasional Oregon kid. But Washington? Nah. Nobody around here grows up dreaming of playing for the “purple & gold.”

I don’t know Puca Nacua, but here is one positive thing I will say to him: I hope you have a healthy career.

Beyond that, I hope Washington loses every game. Puca, don’t be upset with us because we know something you don’t (yet): Washington Sucks!

(End of rant)

  • ProudUte

    Blame this on KSL.  I think they courted Puca.  It was a great rating booster for them.  The mother didn’t seem all that happy with his decision.

    I am not one for all the hype.  He is an teenage kid who got caught up in the moment.  No reason to hate him.

    Go Utes!!!


    • Brichaute49

      I don’t think anyone hates the kid. Maybe his choice of schools but not him. Do I agree with all the fanfare…absolutely not!!! Do I honor his decision to play where he wants to play…yes!!! By the time it got here it was so anticlimactic that I wasn’t going to stay up and watch it. Shame on KSL for doing what they did. Maybe that’s why I never watch that stations newscast anyway. Hope he loves Seattle and can make it work there.

    • PhillyUte

      So basically, we lose Jayden Daniels because his mom didn’t want him to come to Utah even though it seemed like he wanted to come here. Then, we lose Puka even though his brother plays for Utah and his mom wanted him close to home. We just can’t catch a break can we? 

      • GameForAnyFuss

        My guess is Daniels will eventually be a Ute. Can you say transfer portal? In my experience, usually the will of the child eventually wins over the will of the parent. Anyone who’s a parent knows that, when your child really has his or her heart set on something, eventually it will happen.

        • Central Coast Ute

          Daniels isn’t coming here. Utah has Rising and they don’t need an ASU wash out.

          • Dwight89

            I mean, Rising is a Texas wash out, by that logic. So, can beggars really be choosers? 

      • UtahFanSir

        SLT article a day or so back on Milan Clausi, Cal’s terrific Freshman gymnast who had an early offer from Utah. Milan’s mom is former Utah great Missy Marlowe.

        Milan grew up a Ute fan with Ute parents in Utah but simply wanted to go elsewhere for the experience. Puka is in the same mindset. He is good enough just like Milan to create that passage. We need to accept that and respect the decision.


        • Stone

          I agree. For many, the lure of going away to school is very strong. Nothing can be done about it. It is exciting to go somewhere new and get away from home. There are certainly many advantages to staying close to home, but when kids want to spread their wings and leave the nest, I totally get it. It often has nothing to do with the local school’s shortcomings or another school’s appeal…other than one is away from home.

          • Utesbyfive

            I grew up in SLC. Sometimes I wish I had gone out of state to University instead of to my neighborhood school.

        • BattleGroundUte

          Utah still beat Cal recently so no love loss. 

  • X723

    Thank God this is OVER —— move on !!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony


  • Grimmetal

    Rod Zundel made that pretty awkward. I understand it wasn’t according to script but he didn’t seem to understand the situation.

    • BattleGroundUte

      I just listened to it because I had no interest on Sunday. He did make it about what he didn’t choose instead of what he did choose. What can you do in his shoes though? Not like you can speak to the 1000s of Udub fans watching. 

  • Central Coast Ute

    I just hope none of you grown men start tweeting a high school kid about this. That s**t’s ridiculous.