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I hate U Dub!!!

  • RiseasUtes
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    They are one of the programs I respect in the PAC.  Chris Peterson has turned them into a very respectable team over the last few years.  Outside of being good and us not being able to beat them I have no reason to hate them.

    • KiYi-Ute

      Their fans cheering for Covey to get hurt has made me lose a lot of respect for UW.

      • RiseasUtes

        We have a handful of stupid fans also, I can’t hate their whole fanbase/program because of a few dumbasses.  I do agree though, cheering for any kid to get injured is a terrible look.

        • Red Don

          That one whole fan website was disgusting; gloating about Covey getting hurt.  I hate them now.

      • BattleGroundUte

        Online internet fan bases never represent an entire fan base.

        With that being said @admin runs a great site and would banish anyone posting the things said on that Washington fan board. So yes we can be sanctimonious about how s**tty they are. 

        • RiseasUtes

          Hardcore husky is worse than CB(in different ways obviously).  Those are some disgustingly vile people on that site.