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We got out coached tonight

As I walked back to the hotel from this game, I thought Dana had a great game plan;

“I’ll let you drive and get some easy layups, but I’ll take away your three’s”

We made no adjustments to this.  This was on Larry tonight.

  • justaute

    Don’t disagree with you, but I didn’t watch the game. Curious…other than having our shots falling, do we have the athletes to compete with UO?

    I tend to think in terms of a spectrum, between execution/smart on one end and pure athletic ability on the other end. To do well, gotta have some of both, like a utility curve. At the moment, I don’t think we have enough on the athletic spectrum; thus, when our execution fails (i.e. shooting, defense), we just can’t seem to overcome the athleticism of our opponent. Perhaps LK isn’t the best x&o guy. Perhaps he’s not the best recruiter, relative to Utah’s reputation and geography.

    When I was playing/coaching D1 sport, that’s how I thought.

    • Skywalker11

      Oregon lost to Texas Southern at home WITH bol bol playing.


      You don’t have to be athletic to beat the Ducks. Utah just got unlucky their 3’s weren’t going in. which coencidently, is the same reason Oregon beat Utah at the Huntsman center. 8.7% (2-23) from three by a team that normally shoots almost 40% is insanely unlucky. 


      Oregon’s defense was good in the paint but I don’t feel like they did anything in particular on the perimeter to make Utah uncomfortable shooting. The press always seems to give Utah fits, which may be why they were subconsciously nervous when shooting the 3.


      On top of that, Payton Pritchard has played out of his mind the last 2 weeks which is why Oregon has won 6 straight. Pritchard, (the only remaining piece of the final 4 team) was expected to be this kind of player all season but had played poorly all year up until the last 4-5 games

      • sweetgrass

        I’d argue Oregon’s quickness, length and athleticism is why Utah struggles to make 3’s against them.

      • palos_verdes_ute

        I thought they defended the perimeter rather tight , this created driving lanes for Tillman and Allen.  Parker never really had a good look.  The up tempo created by Oregon also drove us off on the shots, maybe being rushed.  This was a game plan that Dana drew up.  Larry needed to make adjustment to that and he didn’t. 

      • justaute

        Of course, a team doesn’t necessarily have to be athletic, or more athletic, to beat UO. That wasn’t my point. My point is on the spectrum of execution/smart-to-athleticism, you have to have the right balance. If our team is less athletic and length, and we can’ hit shots — defended or not — then we are going to lose. x&o will only get you so far if you can’t hit your shots.

  • KiYi-Ute

    Dana always out-coaches Larry. It’s nothing new. Dana has had K’s number forever.

    • utefansince79

      Bill Walton says a lot of stuff that has very little to do with hoops, but one insightful comment he did make was Utah wasn’t looking at all for mid-range shots.