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I am very disappointed in coach K

But, he isn’t going anywhere with the buyout he has.  We simply cannot afford it.  However, I think he should be on a very short leash.

We did see improvement from November to the end of the season; but we cannot score against teams with aggresive defenses.  I blame this mostly on our coach.  He should have had a better gameplan for Oregon.  

If we do not have any unexpected transfers, with the additional of some new players, the team should be better next year IMO.  If we are not an NCAA team next year at this time, I beleive we need to find a way to let Larry go.

Just my two cents and it isn’t probably worth that much. 🙂

Go Red Rocks!!!

  • Well, Oregon just won the Pac-12 Tournament (by 20 points over regular season champion Washington). Maybe you have unrealistic expectations and never considered the fact that OREGON IS REALLY GOOD. Maybe ASU and Washington should fire their coaches too because they also lost to Oregon. Give the guy a break for crying out loud.

    • PlainsUte

      If focusing on defense is what works well for Oregon, maybe Utah should do more full-court pressure and the like.