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    Best game traditions for all top 25 teams via ESPN. Take a guess.


    Such a garbage “tradition.”

    Why not the 3rd down jump? Too many other teams fans do it also?

    I just don’t know sometimes…

  • MineralUte
    5 1

    That is embarrassing.

  • Riley Martin
    3 1

    At least there is no video.

  • Tony

    Not to mention the fact that they stopped doing that.

  • Anfernee

    At least that article from a few days ago now has us in the south.

  • Grimmetal
    2 1

    Doesn’t she do it at halftime now? God, I hate that schtick.

    I’d rather see splash mountain get mentioned.

    • utefansince79

      Takes place near the end of the second half now (before team runs back onto the field).  

      Not as prominent now as you really can’t hear the band in many parts of the stadium from that position.

      At least they got rid of those drums after the third quarter.





      • EagleMountainUte

        They moved it for the drums so it really isn’t a tradition if it is controlled by the school.

  • GameForAnyFuss
    8 1

    Ok, I’ll be the contrarian.

    I like Bubbles/Crazy Lady as a tradition. First, it’s unique. No other school does it. Should we be like Michigan and jingle our keys on every “key play”? Swipe right on that idea. Second, the students love it, and honestly college sports exist for the students, not the alumni and donors. If they like it, who are we to judge?

    Yeah, it’s a little sissy. But look at Liverpool fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – it’s a song from a freaking musical. An old, crappy one, too. But it’s one of the greatest traditions in all of sports.

  • Johnny80

    It kinda bugs me that Terri gets so much credit for her dance when anyone that attended home games before the late ‘90’s knows that s—t belongs to Bubbles.

    • DanielLaRussoUte
      3 2

      3 things you can set your watch by in the Ute fan base:

      1) Basketball transfers

      2) Calls to fire an Offensive Coordinator

      3) Oldheads whimpering about f**king Bubbles.

      • Utesbyfive

        We oldheads know a thing or two about how life works. All of us, stand on the shoulders of giants. Bubbles was a giant. Crazy woman is an imitator.

  • UrbanLiar

    I liked the tradition of the woman in the 80’s that walked out to the middle of the field wearing nothing but a trench coat, threw off the coat and sat on the middle of the field. That’s a tradition I can get “behind”!