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    Manny Bowen

    does anyone know what the business opportunity was that Bowen left for? I’m curious what he is doing.

  • Tednab

    I think he’s joining Spence Checketts .. lol .. I dunno, but I don’t buy that story.

  • FtheY

    The only way you leave football as a player of his caliber, is if you’re able to make tons of money this year, and make more money than if drafted. 

    I wonder if all he has to do is reach out to everyone he knows and just get 5% of them to buy. Then all of those people reach out to everyone they know, and so on, then all of the sudden the money starts flowing in?!

  • Tony

    Noni juice.

  • CincyUte

    Whatever it was, it must have required him to act fast and commit immediately.

    It sounds to me like a real estate investor just found himself an apprentice.

  • 1 1

    Could it be possible that the business opportunity was being paid by a booster from the rival Provo school to not play for the Utes (and essentially screw the Utes over)?  Possibily it was a setup from the beginning and now he gets 6 figures out of the deal…

    Not saying it happened, but boosters did previously pay players in Provo – possibly they have gone a different route now…

    So could that be it?  I don’t know – but what could it be?

  • GunthersRevenge

    I heard the business opportunity had something to do with acoustic wave technology.