2018 wrap-up and 2019 preview

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    Ute Fan

    obviously, it was a much better year than the previous few have been. A couple more things go our way (or a few less injuries) and we likely win the pac12 championship. Coaching was responsible for 2-3 losses this year. Yesterday was not the responsibility of the coaches. That said, I don’t see much improvement in our offense (not until Whitt is no longer the head coach). 

    Looking ahead to 2019, I’m guessing the following: 

    – Harding slides into OC (although we’ll push for Sark or Applewhite). 

    – Shelley wins the starting job at QB.

    – Lackluster recruiting class (Whitt has never been a great recruiter). 

    – TDS gets us this year (this game is their super bowl, we will come out flat and won’t recover despite having the better athletes). 

    – 9-3 overall in the reegular season. 

    – Loss vs Oregon in the Pac12 Championship. 

    I think we’re starting to see the end of the road for Whitt. Despite better onfield success this year, he looks to be getting tired of the day-to-day grind. My guess is he retires after the season this year or next year. 

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    Ute Fan

    Shut up PK.

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    Ute Fan

    Hhahaha Tds wins.Pk you wish. 

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    Ute Fan

    I doubt we come out flat with it being the opening game. Everyone is excited to play that first one. Your cougars lose that edge.

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      Ute Fan

      Finishing this year with two disappointing losses should certainly have our guys pumped to kick off the 2019 season. I’m more worried about how well we will perform in our debut with a new offense than I am our emotion for the game. 

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    Ute Fan

    Harding to OC and a young dynamic QB Coach hires unless there is an absolutely Homerun OC/QB Coach hire out there

    Only if Huntley has two broken legs and is in a wheelchair.

    Utah’s recruiting class will be just fine. A mid 30s ranking when all is said and done

    No way Utah loses to BYU with the talent Utah has returning.

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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      Unless Utah pulls in 3-4 4 stars recruites this class will end up in the 60’s ( at best)

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        Ute Fan

        Once again, maybe 13 departing players, missionary returns, and a small recruiting class. Quantity of players is really all that wins the “class rank” wars. We already have a 5 star player in Manny Bowen coming in…

        You really don’t know football.

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    Ute Fan

    I know you would have looked up this info by yourself so I feel silly telling you but Utah already ranks 30th in recruiting based on average star ranking per signee according to rivals.


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