247’s Washington guy has a scout preview of Utah

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      One scout’s view

      “Tough program that completely embodies their coach. I love (Kyle) Whittingham. If I had to choose a coach for my kid to play for, it’d be him. There’s a bunch of great coaches out there, don’t get me wrong, but Whittingham just seems to squeeze every bit of ability and talent out of each player and I haven’t met one person who isn’t ready to go through a wall for him. He’s a great CEO of their program and they’d better hope he wants to be there for the next decade because I doubt they will ever be able to replace him.”



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      One more quote :

      “Utah has the best staff in the conference in my opinion. They have a strong work-ethic, the coaches are tough and fair with their players and they’ve got things pointed in the right direction. They also have a really good fanbase. Getting to the (Pac 12) Championship Game last year really has them energized and I think there’s a great chance they’ll be back there this year. Their QB play has to be good and they have to replace some guys on defense, but they’re talented in a lot of different areas and that’s going to be the difference for them. Like I said, I think this is the best staff in the conference and I think they’ll have their guys ready to go this season.”

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        Impossible, just ask whitless(or whatever his current user name is).

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          why bring him up?

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            Bad joke, obviously missed the mark.

            I really like our staff and always feel they are underrated, so I’m happy to see others are seeing what we have.  My point was some of our own fans(like the guy I mentioned) take our staff for granted. 

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      The comments are good also. Lots of praise for Whittingham.

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      Something something closing. Something something I’m a moron. Something something Michigan. Something something I’m a troll.

      In b4 AAU.


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