Any bike experts? Looking to buy an enduro style motorbike

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      What brand should I look for? What brand should I stay away from? I will ride it 5-10 times a year off road as an extra machine while UTV and ATV ing. Probably ride it 20-30 times a year around the neighborhood so I want it fully street legal. I’m 6’4 and 250 and was thinking a 250cc to 450cc should be fine, maybe wanting to spend 4K to 8k. 

      I’ve been watching KSL classifieds for a week just to get a feel for what might be a decent buy.

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      The Yamaha WR250R is a great dual sport. It can be tricky to find used because owners don’t want to part with it, but models before 2016 typically fall within your price range. My cousin has one and a larger KTM he uses for longer overlanding trips. Rides the WR by choice unless he needs the greater range. I think It’s been on my wish list for years, but remodeling a house has depleted my toy fund. My new object of desire is a kick-ass electric bike, more practical out here on the East Coast anyway. 

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