At least our quarterback situation is better than Montana State

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      Reading the preview on the upcoming Weber State game this weekend showed me things could be a lot worse:

      Incumbent, two-year junior (Montana State) starter Chris Murray left the picture in July because of academic issues. Redshirt freshman Tucker Rovig played four games, throwing 42 of 68 for 584 yards and four touchdowns, but is now out for the season with a leg injury.

      That brings the Bobcats to Troy Andersen, who signed to Montana State as a linebacker but converted to running back last season and rushed for 515 yards.  Now, Andersen leads a run-heavy attack from the signal-caller spot…

      In last week’s 24-23 win over Idaho, Andersen racked up 159 yards on the ground, including two of his team’s three touchdowns — scampers of 35 and 60 yards.  Passing the ball, he was 11 of 21 for 95 yards in that game.

      Whatever bad things come from Tuttle leaving the program, at least we are not using a linebacker converted to running back as our starting quarterback…

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      Relax, if needed,  kwhitt has a l’il something in his back pocket.

      This l’il pocket hercules would rain hell fire down from above. Lord have mercy on those who doubt.   

      Image result for britain covey mission call

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        Checks from Adidas, UA, Nike, UU boosters? I kid…I kid. 🙂

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          Off shore accounts are where it’s at in football.

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      If Huntley and Shelly go down they could move Hansen to qb, so we might have a linebacker making the calls 😂

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      I don’t mind if we end up finding Joe Williams’ equivalent of the QB.

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      Yay! We’re better off than Montana State

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      Nope we’re just using a converted QB at LB 

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