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      Ute Fan

      Anyone get a good look at Bam Olesini? He played fist 10 min of first quarter before going out with an injury. Despite looking physically dominant he seemed to get beat on pass protection (gave up sack) and looked a little lost on run blocking. Im sure he would’ve improved as the game went on. Too bad he got injured.

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      Ute Fan

      may have lots of upside but starting him cold against UW wasn’t the right place (well unless you’ve ran out of options). Gotta ease these kids in a bit. Didn’t notice any positive impact because the first quarter was an all around dumpster fire for the team. So I read nothing into his 10 minutes. Hope he’s healthy enough to get some play time in the coming weeks and then we can start to draw conclusions.

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      Ute Fan

      It looked like a shoulder injury from the stands. Whit said he started because Moala didn’t practice all week with an injury. But Moala went in after Bam went down.

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      Ute Fan

      Coach Whitt’s plan all along was to play Bam for 4 full games. Not sure I would have put him in vs. UW, but it may have been the best place to let them know where he’s really at. Curious to see what the injury does to their plan to play him in the 4 games allowed for a redshirt.

      I heard Moala was out for with a possible concussion and they decided to try and give him another week, but with Bam going down and him going in the O-line sure played better.

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      Ghost of the HEB
      Ute Fan

      A game like that is a helluva time to throw him in for his first action. He sure does pass the eye test, though. Dude was the biggest player on the field and has the body of an all-pro nfl OT. Just looks a bit raw.

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      Ute Fan

      I thought he looked slow but he wasn’t in long enough to really evaluate. It was a bad game for him to get his first reps in D1. We may not have started so poorly if we were using the normal OL rotation.

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