Bradlee and shark petting

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      If you subscribe to the Athletic, check out the article on Anae.  


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      How about a summary for those who don’t?

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        I like this site.  Hope I don’t get in trouble for this.  Obviously, the article is much longer, but these are the parts that made me laugh, and sometimes gasp.

        Bradlee Anae pets sharks, jumps off cliffs and makes Utah something to fear

        Bradlee Anae figures if he were only two inches shorter and about 100 pounds lighter, he could be a professional diver. He’s confident he’d be pulling off triple backflips if he were just a little smaller. Utah’s freakishly athletic 6-foot-5 pass rusher knows this thanks to all the time he’s spent jumping off cliffs.

        “I can do a double backflip off a 50-foot cliff,” Anae said. “Not many 260-pounders can do that.”

        He likes to surf and hike when he’s back in Hawaii, too. And he loves to swim with sharks.

        “We go like three miles off the bay out there in Haleiwa, Hawaii,” he said. “And they come by the boat and you just jump in with them and pet them like dogs. They’re just like sea dogs, in my opinion.”

        Now it’s time for a big leap. Ask Whittingham about Anae’s passion for cliff jumping and he says he’s cool with it. He’d love to go cliff jumping with his pass rusher someday. He’s done some jumps out at Lake Powell, but no flips. “Absolutely not,” Whittingham said. “Straight pencil jump.” As for swimming with sharks? “That’s interesting,” the head coach says. “I’ve never done that.” But he’s never too worried about Anae getting into trouble.


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          A few paragraphs is probably fair use. The article sounds like typical puff piece. 😉


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