BYE week and random PAC thoughts.

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      PAC12 is going to beat itself up. Washington looks to be the strongest right now. Zona needs to fix Dawkins methinks benching him might be the best decision but he makes awful decisions. Not to be overlooked is Wazzu who looks very good as well. I think Utah got lucky with Oregon vs the draw of Cal. 

      I also think like @utah Stanford is a better draw for Utah. 
      Somehow during this bye week Utah has to clean up third down percentage, red zone play calling, rush attack and discipline. I am optimistic about the rush getting better the others have been problems for awhile. The only thing they managed to clean up was completion percentage with Huntley. 
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      I’m afraid certain problems likely won’t be solved this season. I hate to be the debby downer, but I don’t see us solving the third down & red zone problems completely. I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling that is who we are going to be again this year and I think it has a lot to do with the inefficient run game. I hope I am wrong.

      I have hope that we will be able to become more disciplined. I think most of it is just new players and a new system.

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        That is my concern as well you have Williams who will give Utah a lower completion percentage. Not near as good rushing attack as last season but I am optimistic it will improve. 

        So if anything third down and red zone stays the same or gets worst. 
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        Ute Fan

        Utah is about 1/3 way through the season. I agree that some of the issues we see and don’t like may not be corrected or cleaned up. For example, I fear Utah will remain one of most penalized teams in the conference if what we have witnessed to date continues. Looks like it could be part of the team’s personality.

        You have got to know that the coaches see all that we fans see and then they seen about 300% more. All of the deficiencies are dealt with on an individual basis and as a team.

        We read here, on other Ute fan boards, in comments to articles posted by two local Utah-SLC newspapers, and even as comments by color guys for the games, and on ESPN700.

        Namely, Utah could use a…

        Better running game, as mentioned here.

        Better hole opening by the offensive line.

        Better Red Zone offense, fewer FGs and more TDs.

        Better, that is 0.5 second faster zone reads by Troy Williams, and throwing to the zone and not necessarily the receiver. That is a main aspect to his game that separates him from Tyler Huntley, timing and ball placement. Its the difference between 70-75% completion rate, and 50%. We all thought that if TH kept running the ball, once in the Pac-12 play, he could get hurt. Guess what, he got hunt in the first half of his first game in Pac-12 play.

        More pressure by the defense on opposing QBs.

        The Utes have left some gigantic holes open in the secondary, and have resorted to holding to slow receivers. So that is an area.

        But nothing we note has not already been seen and addressed by the coaching staff. Hell, we don’t see the half of it.

        Still, the team is progressing. Getting better, as all teams do. Cleaning up stuff. But what impresses me is the film work this team does. Javelin Guidry made that point when asked about his pick 6 against Arizona.

        I remain optimistic the Utes will win at least 9 games this season. Regardless, the Utes are fun to watch. Frustrating sometimes, but fun to watch.



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