Can Anyone Tell me the soonest we can get rid of Larry ?

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      Ute Fan

      Please. So I have something to look forward to with Utah hoops. 

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      Ute Fan

      It’s time.

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        Ute Fan

        I say we wait and see what the roster turnover/transfer situation is at the end of this year. If he can keep this roster together aside from maybe one or two guys who never play, then let him stay another year to see if he can actually build something now that he has Daniels on staff. If he loses even one starter or regular contributor to transfer though, then it is time for him to go.

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          Ute Fan

          If kwhitt doesn’t have a real “throw game” this year he should be fired…. I see how this works

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            Ute Fan

            Wrong! Whittingham has built a consistent winner and won the South twice.

            Larry, on the otherhand, while he managed to put out the dumpster fire he inherited only to let the flames grow again.

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          Ute Fan

          Transfers happen EVERYWHERE!! It’s a part of college athletics right now.

          Transferring players is not the primary problem. Being in the Pac-12 is a different beast than previous conferences previous coaches had to compete in. He’s proven when he has an experienced team that they can win.

          I think he deserves 2 more years (with this years class and the class they are bringing in next year).

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            Ute Fan

            Yes, but LarryK has a much higher transfer rate than the national average ~ 25% vs 14%. And that’s just transfers. When you mix in guys leaving early for the NBA and others who “retire” (wink, wink), the roster attrition is overwhelming the program. 

            Larry has a player retention problem and he needs to fix it if he is going to get this thing turned around.

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              Agree. But he also has a coaching problem, as in he is a mediocre coach.

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