CFP vs. Rose Bowl

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        For those twisting themselves into a pretzel on how Utah can get to the CFP, just let it go.

        1. Utah’s SOS just too weak – even if they run the table

        2. Utah has no past history in vying for the playoffs.  Sorry to say, first-timers must be undefeated.

        3. Probably the most important point. Utah just isn’t good enough. Don’t get me wrong, this is quite possibly the best team Utah has ever put on the field and might be the best team in the PAC12 – but unfortunately the teams that are truly vying for the NC are maybe 4 or 5.  These teams have top 5-10 recruiting classes year over year.  It’s a different league. 

        It sucks but the NC is really determined by just a small group of programs – which history has shown.

        If by a miracle Utah snuck into the NCP, they would play the #1 team in the nation and get curb stomped ( i.e MSU  losing 38-0 to bama) and I would argue MSU (2015) was just as talented or more so then the current Utah team.

        Utah is not ready for the CFP playoffs and it would be much better for the program to be competitive in the Rose Bowl than to get b*tch slapped in the playoffs.


        Just the truth



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        i think the Utes could hang with Clemson but yea theyd get beaten pretty easily by Ohio State or Bama

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        Good morning, sunshine!

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        Consider the source, Mr. Pessimist. That being said, sure the odds are low, but it’s not out of the question there’s still a lot of football to played. It’s not unreasonable to hope, but I don’t think any of us actually expect us to make it in.

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        This is one Utah team that I think could play with most teams.  I would like our chances against any of the top-ten teams, except OSU, LSU and a healthy Alabama.  And even then, I don’t think we would get killed.


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        Dude, does the negativity ever grow tiresome?

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        1. Some good points. I’m only going to offer thoughts on items i disagree with

        2. Statistically Utah is playing like a top ten team, and has, statistically, played a similarly ranked SOS as other top 10 teams. So, I’m not quite sure we have enough evidence yet that Utah isn’t good enough. 

        3. A better argument you could/should make would be surrounding Utah’s Blue Chip Ratio, or lack thereof. As we’ve seen, talent has a way of winning out when surrounded by excellent coaching. That’s why Dabo and Saban have seen so much success. That could very well doom Utah in a big time matchup, without a doubt. However, based on Utah’s current level of play there is some indication that Utah might very well at least make it a game. 

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        Edit: Mistake, ignore

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        ^ Pace Manyung has zoob DNA

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