Coach Mike Mac gonzo at CU!

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  • utah football Next: @ college football Washington - Sat, Nov 28 8:30pm - ESPN
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        Do players try and compete harder or turn over and let Utah run wild?

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        Buffs welcome Matt Wells, and former Aggies offensive staff. . .

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          Sigh…I hope not. Utes will rue the day they missed on Wells.

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            Maybe when he gets fired from Colorado we’ll have an OC spot available for him.

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        Source seems sketch, although I wouldn’t doubt it. I’ll take any and all distractions in Boulder this week!

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        Don’t know how this helps or hurts?  I can’t decide. 

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          I would say it hurts if his team decides to honor their outgoing coach and get a bowl game, but he lost them a long time ago so it doesn’t make a difference IMO

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            I feel like it could help Utah if they start fast like they did against Oregon. Utah’s defense makes them quit combined with methodical drives by Shelley. 

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        It seems more often than not this energizes a team. Kind of like how major injuries energized ours last week.

        I don’t like this news. Put it this way: CU was already on a terrible trajectory…this may help, and it certainly can’t make things worse. 

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          “It certainly can’t make things worse.” Uhhh…yes, yes it can. 

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        This could play out either way.  I think you will see early – if the players come out to play or seem defeated and roll over.  I have seen it both ways.  I have no idea about their loyalty to the coach.


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          They’ll probably come out firing but would fold easily if we show them some adversity – Hopefully we can start fast

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        Or is he?

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        Bottom Line. Utah is better thatn CU even with Shelly and Shyne. Very strong possibility that ASU loses this week or next week. Pac- 12 teams wining back to bacl road games is very rare. IF Utah cant come out fired up and ready to match ANY psyicality or emotion that CU brings, then we dont desrve to win and sont deserve the south. This is a huge test for Whitt. Last week was teh “circle the wagon game” Now all eyes are on us how does the team respond to adversity on the road. This week will tell us all we need to know.

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        Ill be very commital on this. 


        I have no idea.

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        This doesn’t make sense. There is no arrangement where you get fired but stay in your role until the season ends.

        Him staying in such circumstances could do great damage to the program. No AD will let you do that.

        Maybe he is moving on by the end of the season for another job? I could believe that.

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        I’m expecting a game much like 2014, close through three, with the Utes pulling away early, in the fourth. The stands will be 3/4 quarter full, at the start, but by the fourth, Utah fans will be the loud.

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