College football playoffs

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      a screenshot of a cell phonea screenshot of a cell phonea screenshot of a cell phoneWhat do you think?

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      Very interesting and kind of surprising that there isn’t unanimous support for an expanded playoff among the non-P5 athletic directors. How do they think they will ever get in to a 4 team playoff? Makes me think those who are against expanding have their eyes on P5 jobs.

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        It makes me think they believe their share of money will be larger without expanding. 

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          imo its the idea that it could open up the door for a g5 to come in and take a chunk of it from them. Through their cut of the payout in 3 of the 7 playoff games, and then through the “legitimacy” they gain causing some amount of “undecided” fans to become loyal to them instead of power 5 team x

          Also, if you open the door for 1, and it actually happens, it would be a battle to justify limiting the g5 to a single spot in the future. They are very much incentivised to keep that debate between 0 (effective) spots and 1 instead of 1 and 2. They control that entirely right now with the rankings (and thus the narrative) but give the g5 1 spot and they actually win, they lose some of that power. They dont like losing power. Especially considering the current system gives them all of it

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      I still think 6 teams is a very underrated option. The loss of value to regular season games with expansion is way overstated but going to 6 eliminates any effect entirely with the incentive placed on getting one of the top 2 spots and a massive 1st round bye. I also think 6 teams accurately represents the amount of teams that have a legitimate shot to win it all in a given year. If it went to 8, it would take a long time to ever see a 7/8 win it. You’d see 5 or 6 tho

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        I agree. No G5 should get a guaranteed spot into the playoffs. They aren’t good enough and haven’t done enough to earn that spot. Playing 2 P5’s and taking a spot from a team who plays 9+…that’s BS. Plus, we all say what happened to Utah this past year playing a motivated USC, Oregon and Texas team. G5’s just aren’t good enough. 

        The second thing is, most years, like every year except for 2004, there are two teams that are just better. Everyone knew that LSU would play Clemson this year. Everyone knew Georgia would play Alabama, etc. 

        So, you give the top two teams a HUGE advantage, which is fine. They get a bye week. Plus, no one wants to see Joe Burrows play Boise St and get his knee blown out by some 5 foot 9 try hard at LB on a late hit in a 1 vs 8 game. 

        You take six teams. The 5 P5 champs and one at large. That at large can be ANYONE, so the G5’s can pretend they will ever get a shot, ND can get in, etc. 

        You play 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 two weeks after the conference championship game at the higher seed’s home stadium. 

        Two weeks later you play the winners vs 1 and 2. 

        Two weeks later you play the title game. 

        Everyone wins. 

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