Dang, we have no chance this Saturday

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      Ute Fan

      I just heard an interview with the UCLA sideline reporter.  Here are some of his claims:

      We are 4-2 not 4-5.  We are a different team today, so I like to say we are 4-2. (Conference games only.)

      In fact, the 2 games we lost we let the game get away from us, we should/could have won and been 6-0.

      The game this week will be won in the trenches and our offensive and defensive lines have dominated lately.  (He wouldn’t go as far as saying that their Oline was better than our Dline, but he said it was strength against strength.)  We have run for over 200 yards a game in the last 4 games and Utah won’t be able to stop our running game in spite of how well they have done this season.

      UCLA will do everything to stop Moss.  Huntley will have to beat us via the pass.  (He admits that Huntley has some great stats, but says something just doesn’t look right with his feet and passing motion.)

      He was very careful not to predict a win for UCLA, but said the game would likely be much closer than the 21 point spread.

      So, I guess we are doomed. );

      Go Utes!!!


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      Ute Fan

      Right. Remember how confident resurgent Oregon State was coming into that game? Come on.

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      Ute Fan

      He’s pumping up the home team and fans. I wouldn’t fault him for it. The truth will out.

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        Ute Fan

        Exactly. I’m just happy these kind of circumstances have given the matchup more meaning and panache. Huntley and wreaking crew are locked and loaded. I’m coming from Central Oregon not to see my Alma Mater lose but to beat the baby blue and gold by 35 points. Even my Oregon friends want Utah to just humiliate their favorite (not) ex-coach, the Chip. 😆

        Edit: a similar piece on Utah’s offense is on that site. Bottom line, he does not believe UCLA is going to prevail. Just sayin’.

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        Ute Fan

        It would be one thing if he was on an LA station.  I understand he is a UCLA homer, but I heard the UW homers talk about Utah in an entire different tone; i.e. Utah’s D is the best in the country, TH is an amazing QB, Utah’s offense is very potent, etc. 

        This guy readily admitted he was a homer and wanted UCLA to win this Saturday.  I understand that and respect that.  However, he acted like Utah was just another PAC12 team.  That seemed odd to me.

        It really doesn’t matter. I just thought it was funny.


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          Ute Fan

          I hope the fUCLA players have this same viewpoint. Then when they are down three scores in the third quarter they will know. 

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          Ute Fan

          Just an average team. 

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      Ute Fan

      He was a former UCLA qb.

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      Ute Fan

      That second point is pretty zoobish.

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      Ute Fan

      He brags that they’re 4-2 in Pac12 play.  Let’s look at Pac12 play only.  They are 4-2 against:

      1-5 Washington State

      2-4 Arizona

      3-3 Oregon State

      3-4 Stanford

      2-4 ASU

      2-5 Colorado

      Not one team with a winning conference record.

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      Swoop Doggy Dogg
      Ute Fan

      What is the guy supposed to say, “We’re going to arrive at Rice-Eccles and roll over”? 

       I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape by what people say on radio or TV. The guy works for UCLA. He played there. He’s watched them progress over the season. He offered insight to the schemes they’re running and how they’ve improved. 

      And fact is, IF Utah loses, UCLA is in the driver’s seat for the division. It’s a big game in mid November. 

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