Dirk Facer article as usual outstanding work.

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    Bowen, though, made an immediate impact with his early pick. Scalley said Utah’s zone drops had not been great until that point in camp. Whittingham wasn’t surprised by Bowen’s performance.

    “He’s been making plays since he got here. So that’s nothing new,” Whittingham said. “He’s active. He’s tough. He’s instinctive and he is exactly what we hoped he would be so far.”


    Also of note was that Rising isn’t getting any reps but Whitt said his chances are 60/40 for the waiver. Would be nice to have Miami’s clout and have transfers immediately available. 

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    Dirk is GREAT!  Perhaps the best sports writer in this town.  I don’t suscribe to the DNews for personal reasons, but read his articles online all the time.

    Once spent a nice flight to Portland (on a business trip) sitting next to him.  He was on his way to cover a Ute basketball game at one of the Oregon schools.

    I was trying to (and really needed to) work, but when I realized it was him, I said hello, mentioned that I was a Ute, and asked one or two, sort of polite questions.  He was so bright, articulate, down-to-earth, well informed and personalble, I spent the entire flight talking with him.  I told him that my son was in college and thinking about a career in sports journalism, and he offered to meet my son, anywhere, anytime, for lunch to give him the pros and cons.  Gave me his card and meant it.  My son met him, got very good advice and eventually chose a different path.

    A real GEM of a person, and a great sports writer.  There are very few like him anywhere, and they are a dying breed.

    God Bless you Dirk.  Keep up the good work!

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    I thought Whit said the odds were 60/40 AGAINST?


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