Do we need Moss to have a great 2019?

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      Ute Fan

      Shyne is good, but he is no Moss. TJ and Brumfield definitely have potential, but will they be as good as Moss? What about DHC?

      We are spoiled at the RB position, so the expectations are very high. We will be okay regardless, but seems like Moss could be the difference between a good and great season. Thoughts?

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      Ute Fan

      I wonder if he’ll be here next year. 

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      Ute Fan

      Just my opinion, but I think we either need Moss to return (slim chance) or we need to land a good JC back this recruiting period. I don’t think our current lineup of running backs are the caliber that we need to have a special season. They’re great players for come in and give our top back a rest, but I just don’t see any of them as “feature” backs. I hope I’m wrong.

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        Ute Fan

        I think we are in the thick of things for “mondre” and he would be a good replacement for Moss(not easy to replace).  He has some big time offers, but has to see the opportunity that we will have here for him.

        I am actually pretty comfortable with Shyne, Green, Brumfield, and DHC.  Adding another playmaker never hurts but one of these guys would step up next year.

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        Ute Fan

        Would be great to get a JC kid but I feel like I could see our current roster being pretty successful with Green and Shyne splitting carries with Green having an offseason to bulk up.

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          Ute Fan

          People keep forgetting about DHC. He’s more slasher than power, but he’s very capable. 

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      Ute Fan

      if someone doesn’t mind educating me, idk why people think Moss isn’t coming back next year? I feel like him coming for his senior year will only make his resume look outstanding. Hes a tank. If i had to put all my chips on him having a successful season (without getting injured) i think he would. bold enough to say he’d be the pac 12 RB of the year.

      am I over confident?

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        Ute Fan

        Bryce Love came back, and cost himself a lot of $$$. If Moss grades we’ll, he should go. If not, he should stay and try to improve his stock.

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          Ute Fan

          Love was a unique situation in that a degree from Stanford is a great insurance policy for a RB who is one injury away from getting cut. 

          His degree is in human biology as well, so there’s a lot of promise outside of football for that kid. 

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            Ute Fan

            He also plans to go to medical school someday and become a pediatrician. 

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          Ute Fan

          Rolls Royce Came back for senior season, unknown if it hindered or improved his draft stock

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        Ute Fan

        If Moss can run a 4.5 40, he’s the best RB in the draft now. 

        If he can’t run a 4.6, he drops hard in the draft and he comes back. 

        It all boils down to if he’s healthy enough to run for scouts. 

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          Just don’t ask him to do it getting into bed. 

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      Ute Fan

      Start Green or Henry-Cole. Having a RB run into the back of his O-line isn’t going to keep drives alive. Sorry Shyne, but the offense stalled vs Brigham and UW.

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        Ute Fan

        I like TJ green because he brings an explosive dynamic to the back field.

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        Dante Guardi
        Ute Fan

        Play Shyne in the redzone and then play Green or DHC while driving

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          Matthew Thomas Castleton
          Ute Fan

          And play Shyne on third and fourth down in short yardage situations. He’s just effective at gaining those types of yards consistently. 


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