Expanded Playoff Field

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      If the field were expanded to eight teams there would be an increase in the level of competitive balance. Fans would see less concentration of top talent at one or two programs. This is pathetic. 

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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      But you’d still end up with Bama/Clemson or another SeC team in the championship game.  Add all the teams ya want, the outcome will be the same.

      Not sure what they have in the water down south…but it’s not an even playing field

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        That’s my point. I don’t think you’d see kids going from Florida or Texas or California to play at Alabama. You wouldn’t see one or two programs stockpiling talent to the point that 5-stars are backing up 5-star at every position. The talent would even out if there was a chance to win at more than just one or two schools.
        More players would stay closer to home or would opt for another program that better suited them.

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          Pace Manyung
          Ute Fan

          That would be nice.

          As it stands now, the elite player goes to Bama because they know playing in the CFP is almost a given. They also know they’ll get to play/pratice against the very best and then head to the NFL before their Junior year.

          Saban has built a machine -only elite players need apply. 


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            37 players from the state of Alabama. I haven’t done the analysis, but I’ll bet very few of them are in the two deep.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t see how there would be balance.  There has only been one competitive semi final game.  Ohio State (4) v.

      Alabama (1) in the first year of the playoff.  All the others have been blowouts.  1 blows 4, 2 blows 3, and the champ game is competitive.  Expanding to 8 would allow all P5s to be represented but can you imagine Alabama (1) v.  UCF (8).  We’re talking bloodbath before half time.  CFB does not have a 3 point shot, that is the only thing that allows lower seeds to beat higher seeds in BB.

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        Ute Fan

        I think what he’s saying is that the top players would spread out among more schools if there were more paths to the playoffs.

        Using CBB as the model, you see top players spread out among a lot more schools because many more schools get into the tournament. College football should follow that model.

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          Ute Fan

          They spread out in MBB because of deals made with Adidas and Nike. 


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