Final drive, 3rd and 10 for UW deep in their own territory:

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      Utah’s Two inside lber’s show blitiz, UW adjusts pass coverage and play call and burns us right over the middle for 10+ yards as they had done on earlier blitzes in the game and UW continues it march down field for the final score. I thought Scalley called a good game, but I could see that one coming before it happened. 
      Other observations: apparently Bentley never owned a slip and slide growing up. Just fall forward man. Also, Clark Philips needs to make a play or two during the game, not just be there, you can see the talent, but he lacks swagger and aggressiveness in my opinion. Also, contrary to most, I thought the O-line played well. If Bentley steps up in the pocket a few times, it would really help the o-line out and none of the turnovers were the o-lines fault. I’m confused that a K-Whitt team would play conservative and turn the ball over. I’m confused why I see the UW QB throw the ball out of bounce consistently when there isn’t a good read and Utah’s qb’s will continue to hold the ball, take sacks and throw int’s. 

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      Generally agree. First fumble was on the online IMO. And not much pocket for Bentley to step into, I thought his pocket awareness was decent given how little time he had, I thought his downfield reads were suspect (dumped it to RBs to often when had receivers/ kuithe open). But I was also sitting in the couch, no one chasing me.

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      I agree, on that play my son was screaming for Utah to check out of the blitz. We need to be much better disguising the blitz or it will simply work against us. Bentley needs to slid feet first much more. Even more, not fight for yards when someone has your feet, that isn’t always wise for a RB never for a QB. Clark was outside, this week inside. He needs to get set somewhere to develop. Bentley needs to get comfortable quickly to have a chance to keep playing. However, he and the whole team are quite close to getting the offense moving well. Getting the WRs and TE the ball is key.

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