for the first time in years, last fall, i arranged to have saturdays off

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      and kept them clear of all obligations other than watching college football. Naturally a few things popped up last minute but there were only a few saturdays where i wasnt wasnt watching football all day. Some weeks, when the schedule was loaded with great matchups, it was 12-14 hours straight. From the 10am kicks until i weened myself off of the wild 830ET west coast finish with Hawaii vs whoever.

      I was really looking forward to doing that again this year. Hitting home today how much im going to miss that. Even if Utah was playing I wouldnt have been able to have it. Conferences only playing each other will eliminate a lot of the interdependent intrigue when it comes to the national picture/rankings etc. Games will be cancelled and tons of players will sit out games. Who knows how wide the range of games played will be across all the teams. Those fans will enjoy having those games but its going to be anticlimactic. The rankings will be absolutely meaningless. There wont be much culmination or closure. Maybe a few legit conference titles. At best. With the p12 out I cant get excited about that at all.

      Im going to miss that. 20 month offseason. July is always the longest month of the year but man, next year its going to be a BITCH



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      Everything is going to be ok.

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