fun facts about the Colorado game

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      McBride of Frankenstein
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      1) The series is TIED 32 wins each

      2) The game is on Fox network TV!

      3) Colorado has the most coaching turnover in the country during the time of Wittingham’s tenure (ya’ll probably heard that stated in the Oregon broadcast).

      4) as of noon on Wednesday there was no information about the uniforms.  Not sure why it takes so long for the uniform combo to be posted for most games.


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      Am I the only one ready to embrace this as a rivalry? Sure, I don’t have much angst yet and its tough when only one side is good. But we need more rivalry and I vote that we all embrace it.

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      Ute Fan

      Rivalry games don’t have to be with toxic people. I’ve seen posted elsewhere that we could have an annual Rocky Mountain C**ktail Party alternating at each other’s places. Personally I think that would be a hell of a lot more fun for students than going to Logan and good for promoting student life. Why not get the tailgaters into it too?

      Edit: I love that this post got asterisks.

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        Ute Fan

        Haha… I was wondering why you ‘censored’ c**ktail, but then I saw your edit.

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