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      What are your preferences for our approach to future OOC scheduling. The only thing I absolutely think Utah should do is try to ensure there is a California team on the schedule every year. Even if that means home and homes with G5 teams. Ideally we are scheduling H&H with either USC, UCLA, or SDSU. Beyond that, I’d be fine with Fresno, SJSU, Cal, and Stanford. If we can get some consistent games in California, coupled with the games we’ll have in Texas and the occasional in Florida, it will help our California recruiting.

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      Ute Fan

      My personal preferences would be in the order below, with the idea that California games would be useful for recruiting. If they are not, delete the California Teams.

      California Teams > Original Pac-12 Teams > B1G & SEC Teams > Regional Match-Ups (like Boise State, Utah State)

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      I would like to see Utah schedule as many games as we can against California teams not named USC or UCLA, as well as Texas G5s.

      Utah State would be fun. Washington State and Oregon State would be good.

      In addition to those, just continue to schedule one ‘A’ team from the other P4 leagues each year.

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        I’m assuming that Utah will play in Texas twice a year, with a third trip available during Oklahoma State or Kansas/Kansas State weeks so there really isn’t a reason to schedule another game in that footprint. That’s pretty similar to their California exposure during the Pac years.

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