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    First off one rush for a RB in the first half for Utah?  TT put this all on Shelley’s arm. Then the wideouts didn’t even show up.  

    Second off fitting end to the game against Washington. Proud of the team to make it all four quarters despite terrible turnovers. 

    I hate cheering for Michigan but I will. I can’t wait to see them roll over Browning. 

    Gaskin what a player so elusive and great all around player. 

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    Shyne isn’t good enough to depend on for picking up yardage vs a tough defense. Green would have been the better option, but playing sick he couldn’t carry the load.

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    Charlie Foxtrot
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    Shelly made some mistakes, but hell the kid is a RS Freshman and has never faced a D as good as Washingtons.  I don’t think the offensive game plan was anywhere near where it needed to be.  We should have been in the bunch formation, or double tight mixed with RPO and play action from the very first series.  After you establish some kind of offensive continuity then you can try the cute stuff with Covery, the reverses, and sweeps etc.

    Even if we didn’t score in the fist half, maybe we could have kept our D off of the field for longer stretches of time.


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