Great piece from Canzano

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      Ghost of the HEB
      Ute Fan

      4) Moving the headquarters out of San Francisco

      Power 5 rents:

      Big 12 – $173,711

      ACC – $176,894

      SEC – $312,225

      Big Ten – $916,429

      Pac-12 – $8,091,386

      “It should be noted that the SEC’s rent is only $1 in Birmingham, Ala. It’s part of a sweet office-space deal with a SEC donor who loved the conference. The rest of the reported SEC expense covered renovations and upgrades to the offices. Also, the Big Ten’s rent includes a satellite office in New York. So yeah, the Pac-12 is way out of line here and justifies the cost in ways that don’t make sense anymore”

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      Ute Fan

      They’re smart to rent. Fixing s**t sucks.

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      Ute Fan

      Ways that don’t make sense anymore?!

      When, and in what ways, did paying rent that high ever make sense?!

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      Ute Fan

      Even though there’s not a PAC12 team in the state, I would like to see the conference move the PAC12 HQ to Las Vegas. It’s a central location, cost of headquartering there is WAAAAAAYYY lower then San Fran, brand new stadium there is going to host PAC12 title games, Vegas is an attractive destination for events, etc.

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        Ute Fan

        Also, with the way things have been going in California over the years, I think it’s time for the conference to leave that state, and Oregon isn’t a good option. Vegas just makes sense.

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      Ute Fan

      Excellent article that explains the current state of our conference.

      I wonder if Canzano is on Larry Scott’s Chrismas card list?

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      Ute Fan

      Great article. Larry Scott is an abject failure.

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