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      Hal Evans
      Ute Fan

      I admit it I wasted my time on the cougarboard. I was curious to see how terrible they would say the football team is. The most curious thread I saw was a discussion about how dirty Anae’s hit was and how dirty Our program is. Evidently they have forgotten 2015 when the Byu football player punched the Boise State player in the nuts and wasn’t even diciplined and during Basketball that year Taylor got sucker punched under the basket. What a joke that School is

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      Ah Utef
      Ute Fan

      Stay strong, stay away. I too have been drawn to the site in the past for the very same thing, but what has helped me stay sober from CB is telling myself that site is full of a bunch of Brad’s. It works!

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      Ute Fan

      Tspp fans are so beta – obsessively mentioning their rival’s failure on social media. I can’t recall the last time I noticed whatever mediocre teams they lost to.

      We may have choked away a golden opportunity this time, but at least this team is in a position to be relevant year after year.

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      Ute Fan

      You realize that byu has nothing that we would want that didn’t happen 30-40 years ago.  They can talk whatever crap they want, the only wins they celebrate are the ones where other teams are able to beat us.  They will be in the Hawaii Bowl every year and we at least have a shot at bigger bowls.  The Holiday/Alamo are 10x the game that their bowl is.  We really need to just ignore them, there isn’t anything positive to gain by caring about what they think of us.

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