How To Block Users

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      If there’s a user whose content you do not wish to see, use the Block feature.  A block feature is available now on the Ute Hub app as well as the website. The two are not related.  This how-to relates to the website block feature, not the Ute Hub app’s block feature.

      How to block a user from the Home Page

      Below a topic or reply there is an icon the three dots.  Click this icon to open a pop-up menu which contains the block user link.

      Click the three dots to open the pop-up

      Block a topic author

      Block a reply author

      How to block a user from a Forum Page

      Click the Block user icon (the user with the minus sign) to block a user in the Forum area.

      Managing Blocked Users

      To manage or “un-block” users, visit the Blocks Page at  The blocks page shoes a list of users you have blocked, with a link on each entry to remove the user from your blocks list.  If you forget the location of the blocks list, you can find it in the Hub menu.

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      Larry B
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      Sweet! Now, someone post something nice about Whittingham so that Pace will respond and I can block him.

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      And now the million dollar question. Can I block…myself? 😉

      (I only ask because I saw the block icon on one of my own posts. Would hate to somehow click it by accident and bork things up.)

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        Probably on the www, but not the app.


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