I love basketball

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    Ute Fan

    But this team is so hard to watch. It’s not just that they’re bad, they’re inept. Defense is lazy and leaves so many guys wide open. Offense is so inconsistent and Barefield takes too many bad shots. Jayce Johnson is a waste, no clue why he continues to play so much. I like Larry K but he’s running out of time. As one of the highest paid coaches in college basketball he should be making the NCAA tournament 4 out of 5 years. It’s time to put an NCAA team together or it’s time to move on. 

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    Ute Fan

    Yup…and people were so high on JJ, not sure why. I’m sure he’s a terrific kid and a good role player, but he’s not a starter caliber on a decent P5 team.

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    Ute Fan

    What’s more frustrating is that this is third time this year the guys quit. I don’t recall that ever happening under Majerus.

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      There are countless things happening over the last several years that would never happen under RM. RIP you insane basketball genius!

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    Scott Gilberg
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    The last couple seasons where many talented players have transferred away has finally caught up to coach k. He needs to figure out a way to hang on to more of these kids. Imagine if Hendrix, Devon Daniels, Chris Seely and a few others were still in the lineup?? ‘Old school’ treatment of players is costing the program wins. He needs to find some middle ground.

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      Ute Fan

      This, more than anything else, is the problem. It is impossible to build a winner when you have a third or more of your roster leaving every year (unless you are a Kentucky or Duke). 


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