If I were College Football Commissioner for a Day

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      Kirk Herbstreet
      Ute Fan

      I am worried about the future of CFB. There needs to be some sort of balance between tradition and new. I don’t want to alienate a bunch of CFB fans of G5 teams let alone Big XII and ACC schools. So here is what I would do:

      1. 24 schools in the B1G and SEC. 4 divisions of 6 in each. Utah would be in the B1G with ASU, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa as its division mates.

      2. Notre Dame remains independent with a schedule largely comprised of B1G, SEC, ACC and Big XII schools.

      3. The rest of college football is put into a relegation system. Tier 1 of this relegation system would have a west coast conference and an east coast conference. The members of these conferences would largely be comprised of the leftovers from the ACC and Big XII.

      4. The current FBS schools who were not in Tier 1 would be sorted into 4 geographic conferences. They would be tier 2 of the relegation system. The winner of each tier 2 conference would be promoted to tier 1, replacing the two worst teams from each Tier 1 conference.

      5. Tier 3 of relegation would be FCS. The last four teams in the FCS playoff would be promoted to Tier 2, while the bottom team from each tier 2 conference would be relegated.

      6. The 16 team playoff would be broken down into 2 8-team brackets. The top seed in each bracket would be the respective B1G and SEC champions. Seeds 2-4 in each bracket would be the 6 remaining division winners from the B1G and SEC. Notre Dame would get into the playoff if they win 9 games. The champion of each tier 1 conference in the relegation system would get into the playoff. The remaining 5-6 teams would be at large teams from the B1G/SEC, with each conference guaranteed at least 2 additional at large teams. The first two rounds would be hosted by the team with the higher seed.

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      The Miami Ute
      Ute Fan

      If money was no object, then what you propose is eminently doable. Unfortunately, without probably some sort of government involvement, greed always wins out. The legacy B1G and SEC universities will always take a line of “why should we share our good fortune with others?”

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      2008 National Champ
      Ute Fan

      you lost me at #2. The time for Notre Dame to have their cake and eat it needs to end. And they shouldn’t have a vote equivalent to any of the other 10 conferences.

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      Ute Fan

      Relegation, on paper, seems like a good idea. In practice, it will be a disaster for everyone other than the blue bloods.

      Relegation would create a P5 vs G5 recruiting disparity on steroids. Recruits with options aren’t going to want to sign with a school that is on the verge of relegation or has been relegated. So those schools will become weaker over time while the top dogs get even stronger. Then, when your weakened team claws it’s way back into the top tier, they will be so far behind the top tier teams that they are virtually guaranteed to be relegated again.

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