I’m a hacker (light) with the PAC 12 online.

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        Ute Dub
        Ute Fan

        My Fubo wasn’t allowing me to upgrade to get the PAC 12. My brother called me and showed me how to turn off the timer on the PAC 12 website so that it showed the whole game and not just 5 minutes before timing out and asking me to sign in with a provider. Went into the developer tools and deleted two of the elements. I’m basically Kevin Mitnick. I’ll see you all when I get out of prison.

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        Tony (admin)

        Can’t believe they made it that easy.

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          Ute Fan

          It is the PAC12 network, after all 😉

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        Charlie Foxtrot
        Ute Fan

        At this point they probably don’t care. Without the national distribution that the network needed to be successful, the advertisers are probably happy that their commercials are getting outside of the network footprint via hacks.

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